To all our extended friends and guests

that we have made here at A Stone's Throw Bed and Breakfast

2020 Has been a life changing year for us here in our small mountain town of Livingston Montana.  We have gone through a pandemic shutdown, a flood caused by a guest, and greater restrictions throughout the year as we try to navigate our world through this epidemic.  

Because of this, Donald and I have decided to close our doors so that we can make choices that will help us navigate our future.  Having not been able to spend much time together due to the quarantine restrictions, we are focusing on spending time with each other and our dogs.

We cannot thank our guests enough for believing in us.  We cannot thank our community enough for supporting us throughout these 5 years.  And to all of those who have broken bread at our table and slept under our roof, may you have a prosperous 2021 and may you find ways to stay connected to love ones, find patience, have empathy, and always explore.

Mick & Donald

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