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Dietary Restrictions


We strive to make great mouthwatering breakfasts for you here at A Stone's Throw.  That also means making sure it is food that you can enjoy.  Therefore, if you have any food restrictions or allergies, please inform us.  With proper notice ahead of time, we will strive to make your meals something wonderful within your dietary requirements.


Half of the fun and experience of staying at a bed and breakfast is the food.  Breakfast at a bed and breakfast should be anything but routine.  At A Stone's Throw, we want to delight your appetite with a combination of sweet and savory meals that will leave you questioning your need for lunch!  From Cedar Plank Salmon to Pad Thai Spring Rolls, or Bacon Egg Tomato on open faced Filone to Maple Bourbon Baguette French Toast, we will start your morning off right.  All entrees are supplemented with savory sides such as forbidden rice, cold cucumber orzo salad, baby arugula salad, or salmon ceviche.  So, come and explore what makes a bed and breakfast different from a hotel.  Your fork begs you-

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